DewTech 390 Low Dewpoint Hygrometer

  • 1
    Primary Standard Measurement Technique
  • 2
    Absolute Knowledge of Dewpoint
  • 3
    Standard Accuracy is ±0.2°C DP
  • 4
    Easy, Front Access Sensor for easy cleaning and inspection
  • 5
    Display moisture concentration at atmospheric pressure or compensate for pressure variations
  • 6
    Can be configured to display Temperature or Pressure
  • 7
    Available with standard or chemical resistant sensor
The Edgetech Instruments Model DewTech 390 is a Precision Low Dewpoint Hygrometer which offers measurement of extremely low Dewpoint or Trace Moisture for a variety of background gases at a very attractive price. Based on the Primary Standard Chilled Mirror measurement technique, it provides absolute knowledge of dewpoint and is provided with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

At the core of the DewTech 390 is a three stage, peltier cooled chilled mirror sensor. For peak efficiency, the performance of the peltier is maximized through an integral cryo-cooling refrigeration system. Ideal for metrology labs, scientific research and process measurements. Standard configurations include Benchtop or 19 inch Rack Mount. The DewTech 390 features a user-friendly display panel, an EZ access sensor, multiple outputs and alarm capability.

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