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Chilled Mirror Hygrometers



DewMaster Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
  • 3 parameter measurement - dew point, temperature, pressure
  • 3 line display and analog outputs
  • Table top/rack mount
DewTrak II Chilled Mirror Transmitter
  • 4 wire PRT measurement for Dew Point and AT (optional)
  • ±0.2°C Accuracy for both Dew Point and Temperature
  • Long term stability and repeatability
RH CAL Portable Relative Humidity Calibrator
  • Edgetech field proven Optical Chilled Mirror (OCM) technology
  • Completely self-sufficient and portable humidity calibration system
  • Highest accuracy available for both RH and temperature (AT): RH Accuracy: ± 0.5% RH Range: 5% to 95% AT Accuracy: ± 0.2°C AT Range: 10°C to 50°C
DewTech 390 Low Dew Point Hygrometer
  • Primary Standard Measurement Technique
  • Absolute Knowledge of Dew Point
  • Standard Accuracy is ±0.2°C DP
PDM75-X3 Portable, Industrial Duty Hygrometer
  • Chemical Resistant / Low Dew Point
  • NIST Traceable Primary Standard Chilled Mirror
  • Wide Measurement Ranges: –70°C to +70°C
1500 Portable Dew Point Monitor
  • Primary measurement technique
  • NIST Traceable
  • Rechargeable Batteries
COM.AIR DP Monitor for Compressed Air Systems
  • NIST Traceable
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Easy to install
DPS3 Heated Dew Point System
  • Heated Sensor temperature range: 20 to 99°C (68 to 210°F)
  • Dew Point measuring range: -35C to 95 °C (-31 to 203°F)
  • AC Power: 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 250 Watts
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