HP125 Series Multi-Sense Humidity Probe

The HP125 Multi-Sense Humidity Probe is a cost effective, easy to use solution to many industrial and laboratory measurement and control applications. The HP125 probe exploits the latest advancements in polymer humidity sensing technology and compact electronic circuitry. It is designed to continuously measure up to 4 measurement parameters using a single intelligent sensor tip including RH%, calculated Dewpoint, Temperature …


  • Replaceable Smart Sensor Tip
  • Analog Voltage Output (0-10VDC) for each measured parameter
  • RS-232 Serial Interface for reporting function
  • Replaceable Sintered Filter Element protects the sensor
  • 24VDC Power Input

DewTrak II MO for Motor Octane Testing

The Edgetech Instruments Model DewTrakII MO dewpoint/humidity transmitter is an optical chill mirror hygrometer designed to continuously measure the moisture content and Barometric pressure in the motor octane testing process. It is used to monitor and ensure compliance with test standards ASTM D2700, D2699, D2885. It guarantees measurement compliance for allowable Humidity range between 25–50 gr/lb & Pressure 21–30 in …


  • Electronics housed in IP65 enclosure
  • 4 wire PRT measurement for Dewpoint
  • ±0.5gr/lb Accuracy for Dewpoint
  • Barometric Sensor
  • ± 0.044 “ Hg accuracy for Barometric Pressure
  • Long term stability and repeatability
  • Manifold Assembly Kit
  • LCD Display
  • Comes with a NIST certificate of compliance
  • Probe is installed in air tight housing with minimal resistance to intake air
  • Can be remote mounted or integral

ELH Series – Precision Humidity Chambers

The Edgetech Instruments Model ELH Series is a series of precision humidity chambers, with NIST traceable accuracies in humidity (±0.5% typical), temperature (±0.1°C) and dewpoint (±0.2°C). The ELH Series consist of a programmable controller for constant precision control and uniformity, and an integrated DewMaster chilled mirror hygrometer for accurate temperature and humidity measurements. The ELH series offers three standard chamber …


  • Precise chamber controls
  • Hygrometer utilizes primary measurement techniques
  • Historically proven and unsurpassed humidity control system
  • Sensing system discriminates between dew and contaminants
  • Programmable controller for automatic ramping, soaking and alarming
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Fully adjustable shelf
  • Demineralizing cartridge system
  • 2 inch access port
  • Drain: hard piped

CAM Compressed Air Module

The CAM (Compressed Air Module) is a sampling chamber for use with Edgetech Instruments’ humidity probes. The unique design provides for two modes of operation:  Direct connection to a pressurized process gas take-off point Use as a calibration flow through head. The most important design feature of the CAM is the heavy duty sample input ball valve. The CAM gives …


  • Sample Chamber provides process penetration point for HP125 and 6742/44 probes
  • Allows safe service of probe at a pressurized process point
  • Provides valve inlet to isolate probe from process pressure
  • Provides “Bleeder Valve” to meter a small flow of sample past the probe sensing area
  • For Pressure Dewpoint or Atmospheric Dewpoint Measurements
PTDM Pressure Transducer Data Sheet

PTDM Pressure Transducer

Edgetech Instruments Pressure Transducer is designed for accurate pressure measurement of gases or liquids compatible with stainless steel. The high level output signal requires no additional signal conditioning and results in excellent stability, accuracy, and fast dynamic response, making the Model PTDM ideal for high performance applications. The stable electronic circuit, combined with Edgetech’s patented variable capacitance sensor, results in …


  • Designed for accurate pressure measurement of gases or liquids compatible with stainless steel
  • Excellent stability, accuracy, and fast dynamic response
  • Sensor features a one-piece 17-4 PH stainless steel pressure sensor and an insulated electrode, which forms a variable capacitor