CAM Compressed Air Module

  • 1
    Sample chamber allows safe isolation and servicing of sensor probe at pressurized sample takeoff point
  • 2
    For installation and use with HP125 and Sentry humidity probes
  • 3
    Provides ball valve to isolate probe from process pressure and bleeder valve to allow flow of sample gas past the probe sensor
  • 4
    May be used for pressure dewpoint or atmospheric dewpoint measurements
  • 5
    Available in brass or stainless steel construction
The CAM (Compressed Air Module) is a sampling chamber for use with Edgetech Instruments humidity and dewpoint probes. It has a sample inlet ball valve for connection to a pressurized compressed air or gas takeoff point, providing an easy way to connect a probe or alarm module to a gas supply. The ball valve allows isolation of the probe from high pressure during maintenance or service.

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