CAM Compressed Air Module

  • 1
    Sample Chamber provides process penetration point for HP125 and 6742/44 probes
  • 2
    Allows safe service of probe at a pressurized process point
  • 3
    Provides valve inlet to isolate probe from process pressure
  • 4
    Provides “Bleeder Valve” to meter a small flow of sample past the probe sensing area
  • 5
    For Pressure Dewpoint or Atmospheric Dewpoint Measurements
The CAM (Compressed Air Module) is a sampling chamber for use with Edgetech Instruments’ humidity probes. The unique design provides for two modes of operation: 
  • Direct connection to a pressurized process gas take-off point
  • Use as a calibration flow through head.
The most important design feature of the CAM is the heavy duty sample input ball valve. The CAM gives you an easy way to connect a probe to a process take-off point and the ball valve allows you to isolate the probe from high pressure process gas during maintenance or service.  Safety- isolate the Probe from Process Gas  Save Time- no need to de-pressurize an entire compressed air system during maintenance.  A second important design feature of the CAM is the ability to configure the probe to measure Pressure Dewpoint or Atmospheric Dewpoint. This is accomplished through adjustment of the two valves that are integrated into the CAM.    Applications: 
  • Compressed Air Headers
  • Pressurized gas streams
  • Calibration Labs
  • Humidity Engineering and R&D
  • For use with the HP125, SENTRY, and 6740 series probes

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