DPS3 Heated Dewpoint System

  • 1
    Heated dewpoint hygrometer system for measuring dewpoints up to +95°C in high dewpoint gases
  • 2
    Solves the high dewpoint measurement problem by heating all system components to a temperature above the dewpoint temperature of the sampled gas, preventing condensation in the measurement system
  • 3
    Chilled mirror sensor provides high accuracy over the entire dew/frost range of +95°C to -35°C.
  • 4
    Automatic Balance Control mode provides correction for optics contaminants
  • 5
    Integrated DPS3 system contained in a NEMA-4 enclosure with alarm relays and continuous digital and analog outputs
  • 6
    Two models available, the DPS3 stand-alone and the DPS5 with external DewMaster Hygrometer
The Edgetech Instruments Model DPS3 is a heated dewpoint hygrometer that can measure dewpoints up to 95 °C (203°F) and as low as -35 °C (-31°F). This integrated system includes a microprocessor based electronics, a chilled mirror dewpoint sensor, a sample flow meter/valve, assorted tubing and fittings all contained in a heated, temperature controlled NEMA-4 enclosure.

The DPS series heated hygrometers are available in multiple configurations with the following options:

• Automatic Blow-Back Filter: reverse pulse the sample filter to expel accumulated particulates
• Low Sample Flow Detection: ensure a reliable sample of process gas is flowing through the sensor
• Pressure Transducer: monitor and/or correct for dewpoint at pressure
• Deluxe DPS Analyzer Interface using the DewMaster precision hygrometer
• Auto Dialer: automatically send a pre-recorded "alarm condition detected" message to up to 4 phone numbers for sensitive process monitoring


• Nuclear Fuel Processing
• Monitor Fluidized Beds (Pharma and Plastics)
• Fuel Cell
• Battery Manufacture
• Polymer / Plastics Processing
• Metals Heat Treating, furnaces, annealing, casting, ingot formation
• Semi-Con Furnace, RTP, silicon ingot
• Food and Beverage heated process

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