DewTrace Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

The DewTrace is a high precision, bench top, laboratory standard dew/frost point hygrometer capable of measuring very low frost points using the primary method chilled mirror measurement technique. It incorporates novel ice nucleation technology to reach low frost points in minutes, giving it superior performance over a wide dynamic range from ambient to trace moisture concentration levels. Based on the …


  • Chemically resistant, fast response X3 sensor
  • Nucleation system for fast, low frost point measurement
  • Automatic Balance Control corrects for mirror contaminants
  • Pressure and temperature sensors included for parameter conversion

DewMaster Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

Edgetech Instruments field-proven chilled mirror technology.


  • 3 parameter measurement - dewpoint, temperature, pressure
  • 3 line display and analog outputs
  • Table top/rack mount
  • Nema 4 housing option