DewMaster Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

Edgetech Instruments field-proven chilled mirror technology.


  • A robust hygrometer for laboratory and industrial applications with field proven reliability and precision
  • Drift free primary method chilled mirror sensors have wide measurement ranges and do not require periodic recalibration
  • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited NIST traceable certification
  • Best in class air cooled temperature depression simplifies operation
  • Automatic Balance Control corrects for contaminants to maintain accuracy
  • Multiple sensor configurations available to fit various applications
  • Desk top, rack mount and NEMA 4X enclosure options available
PDM75-X3 Portable

PDM75-X3 Portable, Industrial Duty Hygrometer

The Model PDM75-X3 is a field portable dewpoint hygrometer that integrates the accuracy and reliability of the Edgetech Instruments chilled mirror sensor with the convenience and ruggedness required for field use. It features drift-free accuracy, NIST traceability, low maintenance, high durability and ease of use in a portable package. The Model PDM75-X3 has all the standard features of the Edgetech …


  • Based on the Edgetech Instruments DewMaster Hygrometer
  • Chemically resistant, primary method dew/frost point sensor
  • Drift free and certified against NIST traceable standards
  • Best in class air cooled temperature depression
  • Wide measurement ranges from -70°C to +70°C dew/frost point temperature
  • Locally or remotely mounted sensor options
  • Automatic Balance Control for optics contaminants correction
  • Rugged, high impact portable case
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Sampling options for positive or negative pressure

1500 Portable Dewpoint Monitor

The Model 1500 is a self-contained, battery powered, portable, multi-function hygrometer that accurately and reliably measures the moisture content in gases, with the battery life and ruggedness required for field use. The Model 1500 is a drift-free, low maintenance hygrometer featuring high durability, NIST traceable certification and ease of use. Its primary method chilled mirror sensor provides precision dew/frost point …


  • Primary method chilled mirror sensor provides high accuracy dew/frost point measurement
  • Temperature measurement option for live relative humidity measurement
  • Pressure measurement option for live parts per million by volume measurement
  • Automatic Balance Control mode provides automatic correction for optics contaminants
  • Current or voltage outputs, RS-232 optional
  • User programmable alarm functions
  • Internal vacuum pump to pull sample

200M Meteorological Humidity Measurement System

The Model 200M is a complete instrument for the measurement of Atmospheric Dewpoint, Ambient Temperature, % Relative Humidity, or other Psychrometric Variables. It employs the very reliable optical chilled mirror sensing technique which provides a primary measurement of dewpoint, and is traceable to NIST. The Model 200M is ideally suited for installations requiring continuous, automatic, and unattended measurement of humidity …


  • Complete instrument for measurement of atmospheric dewpoint, ambient temperature, relative humidity and other psychrometric variables
  • For installations requiring continuous, automatic, and unattended measurement of humidity over a very wide range
  • Certified in an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory with NIST traceability
  • Primary dewpoint measurement technique with high accuracy and reliability
  • No periodic sensor recalibration required