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Trace Moisture Analyzers



AcuDew Moisture Transmitter
  • 2-wire loop powered dew/frost point transmitter
  • Overall range -120°C to +20°C dew/frost point temperature
  • Available PPMv & PPBv ranges
DewTech 390 Low Dew Point Hygrometer
  • Primary Standard Measurement Technique
  • Absolute Knowledge of Dew Point
  • Standard Accuracy is ±0.2°C DP
PPM1 Trace Moisture Analyzer
  • Precise, trace moisture measurement
  • Range: 0.1 to 1250 PPMv
  • NIST traceability calibration certificate
PPM2 Portable Trace Moisture Transmitter
  • Battery Powered, rechargeable batteries, charger included
  • Fast Response
  • Sensitivity below 1ppm

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