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AcuTrak 1000
  • Large 5-digit display
  • Four-button membrane keypad
  • 24 Vdc output power supply for connected device
AcuVu 100
  • Large 4-digit, ½-inch (13.8mm) high, 14 segment LED display
  • 24 Vdc output power supply for connected device
  • Ideal for 2-wire loop powered transmitters
CAM Compressed Air Module
  • Sample Chamber provides process penetration point for HP125 and 6742/44 probes
  • Allows safe service of probe at a pressurized process point
  • Provides valve inlet to isolate probe from process pressure
ATDM Air Temperature Probe
  • Sensing Element: PT 100ohm @ 0°C (32°F) A=00385+/-0.1% @ 0°C
  • Accuracy: System @ 25°C Standard +/-0.1°C
  • Measurement Range: -100°C to 100°C (-148°F to 212°F)
PTDM Pressure Transducer
  • Designed for accurate pressure measurement of gases or liquids compatible with stainless steel
  • Excellent stability, accuracy, and fast dynamic response
  • Sensor features a one-piece 17-4 PH stainless steel pressure sensor and an insulated electrode, which forms a variable capacitor

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