COM.AIR DP Monitor for Compressed Air Systems

  • 1
    NIST Traceable
  • 2
    Virtually maintenance free
  • 3
    Easy to install
  • 4
    Self monitoring
  • 5
    User programmable audible and visual alarms and relay contact
  • 6
    Programmable Automatic Balance Control (ABC)
  • 7
    Widest Available range -103 to 122°F (-75 to 50°C)
  • 8
    Chilled mirror sensor selection required
Reliable and Accurate 
The COM.AIR dewpoint monitor has been designed by Edgetech Instruments to offer the highest level of reliability and accuracy available in compressed air system dewpoint measurement.

Backed by more than 35 years experience, this primary measurement technology is fully NIST traceable and utilizes a chilled mirror sensor, the most accurate dewpoint sensing scheme available, to deliver consistent drift-free measurements without regular calibrations or sensor replacement. 

Easy to Install and Operate
COM.AIR is a complete dewpoint monitoring System. The ruggedized aluminum NEMA-12 enclosure houses the sensor, control circuitry, as well as flow control and is easily wall-mounted to conserve space. Only the sample line and power connection is needed for the system to be operational.

COM.AIR also offers a programmable Automatic Balance Control (ABC) cycle which corrects for the light reducing effects of mirror contaminates and allows for continuous monitoring and virtually maintenance-free operation.

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