Model X3 Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Sensor

  • 1
    Chemically resistant sensor housing and mirror eliminate sensor failures when measuring dew/frost point in aggressive background gases
  • 2
    Chamber design and high efficiency heat exchanger result in the ability to measure very low frost points
  • 3
    Hinged cover plate allows easy access to the mirror for cleaning and inspection
  • 4
    Reduced cavity sample chamber speeds sample sweeping resulting in rapid dry-down after exposure to high moisture levels
  • 5
    Rugged, industrial electrical connectors and easy access slim line signal harness simplify installation and maintenance
  • 6
    Best in class range to -95°C frost point
The Edgetech Instruments Model X3 chilled mirror sensor is specifically designed to measure the Dew/Frost point in demanding process and laboratory applications. It is available in multiple configurations to accurately measure very low dew/frost points in aggressive background gases.

The Model X3 sensor’s minimized sample cavity results in rapid dry-down times, fast response and quick detection of upset process conditions. The sensor may be air or liquid cooled with a best-in-class range to –95°C frost point.

The Model X3 sensor is used with Edgetech Instruments’ DewTrace, DewMaster and PDM75-X3 hygrometers for both fixed and field portable use, bringing chilled mirror technology to applications where drift free, high precision dew/frost point measurement was not previously possible.

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