Model DX Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Sensor

  • 1
    Direct insertion expands Edgetech Instruments sensor choices for easy installation
  • 2
    Integrally mounted PRT temperature sensor reduces installation cost and improves RH accuracy
  • 3
    Active sensor temperature compensation and isolation eliminate drift
  • 4
    Compact design reduces space needed for installation
  • 5
    Integrated micro aspirator option for faster response in static environments
  • 6
    Integrated filter options for use in dirty environments
The Model DX primary method chilled mirror dew/ frost point sensor is a direct insertion hygrometer sensor with an integral PRT temperature sensor, wide operating range and superior temperature stability.

The new DX can be inserted into a gas process stream or used to monitor the local environment. With its integrally mounted temperature sensor, a single penetration reduces installation cost and improves relative humidity accuracy as the temperature and dew/frost point are measured at the same location. Active cooling gives the Model DX sensor enhanced stability and a dynamic range of -40°C to +95°C dew/frost point over a wide range of ambient conditions.

The Model DX Sensor can be used with the Edgetech Instruments DewMaster and DewTrak II dew/frost point hygrometers. The sensor can be located remotely at distances up to 100 feet.

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