DewGen – High Accuracy Dewpoint Generator

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    High accuracy dew/frost point generator for use as a stand-alone device to create a known and precise dew or frost point gas sample
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    No electric power required, can go wherever needed in the field or in the laboratory, inherently intrinsically safe
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    Connection to a NIST traceable dew/frost point hygrometer creates a highly accurate and cost-effective dew/frost point generator system
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    Can be used for testing and calibrating dew/frost point sensors or for use in research and development applications
  • 5
    Mixing ratios of up to 100,000 to 1 allow selection of frost points down to -80°C and dew points up to +15°C
The Edgetech Instruments Model DewGen is a divided flow dewpoint generator that can generate dewpoints from +15°C to frost points of -80°C. The source gas is typically dry nitrogen and can be used as a stand-alone or used with an Edgetech Instruments Model DewMaster with an S3 chilled mirror dewpoint sensor resulting in a very accurate, NIST traceable calibration system.
The DewGen can go wherever needed, in the laboratory or in the field.

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