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OxyMaster 16TDP Oxygen & Dewpoint Analyzer

  • 1
    Oxygen and humidity measurement in one unit
  • 2
    Oxygen measurement range 0-10000 ppm
  • 3
    Humidity measurement -0.1-1000 ppm
  • 4
    4-20mA outputs, RS232 and data logging included
  • 5
    User selectable measurement range
  • 6
    Oxygen sensor - a micro fuel cell,P2O5 trace moisture sensor
  • 7
    Power 85-230Vac, 24Vdc
  • 8
    Clear text graphic display
The Edgetech Instruments Model OxyMaster 16TDP was made for fast, accurate and economic measurement of Oxygen and Dewpoint at trace levels.  A simple menu-driven software, touch-pad and large LCD-display allow easy and fast start-up of the instrument.  The unit measures Humidity between -0.1 and 1000 ppm and Oxygen between 0 - 10000 ppm.

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