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635-1 Handheld RH Meter

  • 1
    Highest precision ±2%RH
  • 2
    Wireless probes can be retro fitted at any time
  • 3
    Backlit display
  • 4
    Protection type: IP54
  • 5
    Connection up to 3 wireless probes
  • 6
    Easy to follow menu
Accurate Humidity measurements are becoming increasingly important, along with eliminating the hindrance of wires and having the versatility to measure in those areas where cabling is almost impossible. The 635 is the solution for many of those applications.

The Edgetech Instruments Model 635-1 is a robust and reliable measuring instrument with the protection class of IP54. The large back lit display allows the user to easily view the dewpoint, RH and temperature readings. The 635 offers both standard plug-in probes and optional wireless probes that can measure up to a distance of 20 meters. A maximum of 3 wireless probes can be used at one time and can be retrofitted with the 635 at anytime. All probes are equipped with a patented humidity sensor offering long term reliability and guaranteed accuracy based on results from worldwide laboratory tests. The 635 is equipped with a secured carrying strap for safe transporting and has heavy duty magnets on the back to ensure secure attachment at the measuring location.

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