AcuTrak 1000

  • 1
    Large 5-digit display
  • 2
    Four-button membrane keypad
  • 3
    24 Vdc output power supply for connected device
  • 4
    Panel mounting (DIN 43700)
  • 5
    Ideal for 2-wire loop powered transmitters
  • 6
    Two user-programmable alarm relays with front panel LED indicators
  • 7
    Fully-controllable linear selectable 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA output for signal retransmission
  • 8
    NEMA 3 (IP54) front panel protection
  • 9
    RS485 port for digital output
  • 10
    Ac or Dc powered models available
The Edgetech Instruments’ AcuTrak 1000 is a digital display analyzer used primarily with Edgetech Instruments’ process moisture transmitters. The AcuTrak 1000 combines 4 to 20 mA input signal capability with a 24 Volt dc power supply, making it compatible with not only Edgetech Instruments moisture transmitters but most loop powered process transmitters. It is even more powerful when it is used in conjunction with a moisture transmitter because the AcuTrak 1000 has the capability to calculate PPMv moisture content from a dew/frost point input signal.

In addition to providing 24 Vdc power and display capability, the AcuTrak 1000 also provides two fully programmable alarm relays, which can be independently set across the full operating range of the transmitter, and an optically isolated retransmitted 4 to 20 mA analog output signal. The front panel incorporates a large 5-digit, ½-inch high, 14 segment LED display, two alarm indicator LED’s and is rated for water spray (IP54/NEMA 3) ingress protection. The AcuTrak 1000 is equipped with a digital RS485 output and an onboard pressure feature that allows the calculation of an equivalent dew/frost point or a PPMv measurement, based on a user programmable constant pressure.

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